Physicians and Health Professionals

We specialize in advising doctors and medical practitioners and have extensive expertise in this area. In particular, the profession of doctors undergoing enormous structural change and requires a high level of business expertise in making decisions. We will be happy to advise you.

Your benefits

During a practice founded, we provide you with crucial figures are available that support your successful launch your practice with an investment and financing plan and a profitability calculation. As part of our ongoing consulting engagements, we review the practice results regularly and calculate the year-end interview your preliminary tax burden. With economic analyzes, we support you with cost management and asset and liquidity planning. If you plan to receive another professional's, we advise you on financial, tax and business issues.

Our range of services in the practice foundation

  • Creation Foundation Reports
  • Creating investment and financing plan
  • profitability calculation
  • Support and preparatory talks with banks

Our ongoing consulting services

  • quarterly review of the practice results
  • Year-end interview to determine practice goals for next year provisional tax burden and development (eg proportion of private liquidations)
  • Company Coaching to define and implement specific practice targets

Receiving a further professional's

  • Advice on selection form of cooperation
  • Negotiation coaching when shooting a new professional's
  • Identifying practical value
  • Calculating the financial and tax implications for earners
  • Advice on selection / establishment of a corporation
  • Defining business plan for new company structure

Business analysis and advice on the following issues

  • What are my practice revenue and from which areas are sales?
  • What are my monthly expenses?
  • What profit I have achieved and how it behaves compared to last year or the industry?
  • What form my liquidity after I made my tax payments, private pension contributions and withdrawals?

Private assets and liquidity planning and advice on the following issues

  • What is my personal net worth?
  • What form does my asset allocation?
  • What is my discretionary income?
  • How do I design my retirement benefits?
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